• American Photography 35 Chosen Winner!

    April 10, 2019

    Two of my images have been chosen for American Photography 35!  Only 350 images from 7,000 submitted have been selected for AI-AP exclusive online juried competition. This year’s distinguished jury included: Jessica Dimson, Deputy Photo Editor, The New York Times Magazine;  Dustin Drankoski, Creative Director, Mashable;  Lea Golis, Freelance Photography Editor and Creative Producer, Apple Media Products;  Rosey Lakos, Director of Photography, Godfrey Dadich Partners;  Natasha Lunn, Director of Photography & Video, Airbnb Magazine;  Eve Lyons, Photo Editor, The New York Times;  and Thea Traff, Senior Photo Editor, TIME Magazine.

    Image: Unbounded 2 -  November 2018 - Cross Processed

    Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia 

    #AP35 #winner @american_photography_winners #Abstract #landscape

    Image: Rebirth  

    Composite: Cinereous vulture (Aegypius monachus) + Homo Sapiens Skull

    #AP35 #winner @american_photography_winners @calacademy #calacademy #Photography

    Bird mythology has always intrigued me.  In ancient mythology vultures ability to consume death and produce life was associated with rebirth.  Many gods featured vulture wings or faces.  Vultures were also associated with keeping life and death in order.  As long as the vultures consumed the dead and were able to reproduce, the balance of life was in good order.


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